SieMatic & Vinhomes Riverside project presentation event

SieMatic & Vinhomes Riverside project’s presentation event has been hold at Phan Anh Luxury Living/SieMatic Vietnam’s showroom on Wednesday 10 August. This event was organized exclusively for Vinhomes Riverside citizens who were the first clients to register for this project.

On the project’s first official day, the numbers of clients who participated has almost reached its best mark. This means that every Vinhomes Riverside’s resident, who buys SieMatic, is very likely to get SieMatic’s best offer ever.

This project will last until 10/11/2016 and it is promised to bring the best kitchen products to create most perfect living space for Vinhomes Riverside.

Attending the event, our clients did not only have the chances to meet and talk with their neighbors but also personally enjoy the most luxurious kitchens in Vietnam. Together, we cooked, exchanged and shared culinary experiences with the famous chefs from Jackson Steakhouse.